EuropaBio 25th Anniversary Sponsors

For more than two decades, Catalent Biologics has built capabilities and experience in development, manufacturing, and analytical services for new biological entities, gene therapies, biosimilars, and antibody-drug conjugates. The company has worked with 600+ mAbs and 80+ proteins, and more than 120 active clinical trials and 13 marketed products have used GPEx® cell line engineering technology. A further 35+ commercially-approved products have employed Catalent Biologics’ capabilities through to drug product fill/finish.

Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy, a unit of Catalent Biologics, is a full-service partner for adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors and CAR-T immunotherapies, with deep experience in viral vector scale-up and production. When it acquired MaSTherCell, Catalent added expertise in autologous and allogeneic cell therapy development and manufacturing. Catalent has produced 100+ cGMP batches across 70+ clinical and commercial programs.

Using advanced technology and tailored solutions for clinical through commercial supply, Catalent Biologics brings better biologic treatments to patients, faster.

Abolis, from its head office near Paris, is at the forefront of the European development and manufacture of bio-based products for clients worldwide. It offers a combination of advanced genetic technologies, microbial biodiversity and bioinformatics capabilities to produce, via fermentation, a wide portfolio of complex molecules for food & feed, cosmetics, flavours & fragrances, specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

It serves the rapidly expanding demand for bio-based products to replace conventionally produced chemicals and ingredients.

Working closely with clients and partners, Abolis helps to establish technical and economic feasibility of a switch to bio-based, optimises the inner workings of micro-organisms’ metabolism and integrates downstream aspects of industrialisation from the first stages of development, as well as to enable novel branches of (bio)chemistry towards novel molecules and functionalities.

Novartis was created through the merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz in 1996 and celebrates its own 25 years, alongside EuropaBio.

Our purpose is to reimagine medicine to improve and extend people’s lives. We use innovative science and technology to address some of society’s most challenging healthcare issues. We discover and develop breakthrough treatments and find new ways to deliver them to as many people as possible.

Our strategy is to build a leading, focused medicines company powered by advanced therapy platforms and data science. In implementing this strategy, we have five priorities to shape our future and help us continue to create value for our company, our shareholders and society:

  • Unleash the power of our people
  • Deliver transformative innovation
  • Embrace operational excellence
  • Go big on data and digital
  • Build trust with society