SME Awards

Now in its 10th year, the EuropaBio SME Awards finds the best emerging SME talent and performance and showcases it on the world stage. SMEs can submit nominations from all European countries and winners will be selected within Healthcare and Industrial biotechnology categories. Winners will be announced at the December Anniversary Gala in Brussels, following the launch of the nominations at the start of September.

2019: Confo Therapeutics (Healthcare Biotech), Carbiolice (Industrial Biotech), BioMass Protein (Agricultural Biotech)
2018: GenoScience (Healthcare Biotech), Lactips (Industrial Biotech), Phytowelt Green Technologies (Agricultural Biotech)
2017: NovaBiotics (Healthcare Biotech), Carbios (Industrial Biotech), Iden Biotechnology (Agricultural Biotech)
2016: Cellectis (Healthcare Biotech), Oxymem (Industrial Biotech), Plant Response Biotech (Agricultural Biotech)
2015: MolMed (Healthcare Biotech), Celtic Renewables (Industrial Biotech)
2014: Erytech Pharma (Healthcare Biotech), Bio-on (Industrial Biotech)
2013: PsiOxus Therapeutics
2012: ProtAffin AG (Healthcare Biotech), Global Bioenergies (Industrial Biotech)
2011: Prosensa Therapeutics
2010: Addex Pharmaceuticals