About EuropaBio

EuropaBio is an international non-profit industry association representing the biotechnology industry across all sectors.  Its mission is to support biotechnology for healthy people and planet.

EuropaBio represents corporate and associate members across sectors, plus national and regional biotechnology associations which, in turn, represent in turn, represent over 2600 biotech companies, 2300 out of them are SMEs.

Together we work to enable the biotechnology ecosystem, including science, policy, regulation and application to end use for maximum benefit.

Key aspects of Biotechnology are represented through EuropaBio Councils: i) Healthcare Biotechnology ii) Industrial Biotechnology and iii) National Associations. Experts from Members actively participate in Council working groups and task forces which cover a wide range of issues and concerns particular to their industry.

Visit the EuropaBio website to see full details of our work and get involved as a Member to support the biotechnology world of the next 25 years: www.europabio.org.