25 Years of Innovation

Anniversary Index



2006: Revolution in HIV treatment. First EMA approval for single tablet regimen taken once a day

Nominated by: Gilead Sciences Organisation in nomination: Gilead Sciences Antiretroviral therapy (ART) has played an instrumental role in the treatment of HIV, increasing the life..Read More


2006: Globally accessible Gene Sequencing Technology

Nominated by: UK BioIndustry Association  Organisation in nomination: Solexa: Professor Sir Shankar Balasubramanian and Professor Sir David Klenerman Following establishment of UK SME Solexa in 1997, Professor..Read More


2005: Europe’s largest medicines biotechnology facilities open: Pfizer Grange Castle, Dublin

Nominated by: Pfizer  Organisations in nomination: Pfizer The Pfizer Grange Castle Biotechnology facility commenced construction in 2000 and was licensed and officially opened in 2005. ..Read More


2003: Human Genome Project completion

Nominated by: Voisin Consulting Life Sciences Launched in 1990, the Human Genome project was an unprecedented international scientific research project with the primary goal to..Read More


2003: Targeting regulation of protein production for new medicines

Nominated by: PTC Therapeutics Organisation in nomination: PTC Therapeutics Diseases associated with protein disorders, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy have long..Read More


2001: First enzyme replacement therapy for to treat Fabry disease approved in the European Union, plus world’s largest database of Fabry disease patients

Nominated by: Sanofi Organisation in nomination: Sanofi Genzyme Fabry disease (also Anderson–Fabry) disease, is a rare and heritable genetic disorder. The genetic fault behind the..Read More


2000: Provitamin A enriched “Golden Rice” to combat vitamin A deficiency and blindness

Nominated by: Scienceindustries Switzerland  Organisation in nomination: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, University of Freiburg    In 2000, the research teams of Ingo Potrykus (Swiss..Read More


2000: Vitamin B2 shifts from chemical synthesis to exclusive biotechnological production in less than 15 years

Nominated by: DSM, BASF    Organisation in nomination: DSM, BASF  Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), is a water-soluble compound, which can be synthesized by plants and microorganisms..Read More