25 Years of Innovation

Anniversary Index



2014: First Industrial Fermentation-derived perfume ingredient Clearwood®

Nominated by: Scienceindustries Switzerland  Organisation in nomination: Firmenich  Terpenes are complex natural compounds and important raw materials for the fragrance & flavour and the pharmaceutical..Read More


2014: Checkpoint inhibitor innovation as key part of cancer immunotherapy

Nominated by: UK BioIndustry Association  Organisation in nomination: LifeArc    (From 2004) US Biotech company Organon’s scientists focused on the discovery of antibodies as therapeutics..Read More


2013: First approved cancer treatment using antibody glycosylation (glycoMAb) – Gazyvaro

Nominated by: Swiss Biotech Association  Organisations in nomination: Glycart Biotechnology (now Roche Glycart AG) Pioneer in antibody glycosylation (glycoMAb) technology increasing immune-mediated killing of cancer..Read More


2012: Collaborative patient partnership delivers first treatment approved in Europe for genetic disease, Alkaptonuria (AKU)

Nominated by: Sobi, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum  Organisations in nomination: DevelopAKUre Consortium AKU is a serious, multi-system disorder affecting approximately 1 in 250,000 people, first described..Read More


2007: Landmark European publication behind ‘Knowledge Based Bioeconomy’ in Europe

Nominated by: BIO Deutschland Under the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union, 42 experts from academia and industry across 13 countries were..Read More


2007: First production of spider silk through biotechnology

Nominated by: BIO Deutschland Organisation in nomination: AMSilk  Spider silk has long been hailed for its properties, the ultimate biomaterial, however production from spiders directly..Read More